VJ Org Chart is installed using standard Joomla! installation procedure in Joomla! back-end: Extensions -> Extension Manager -> Upload Package File.


List of org charts

To view org charts go to Components -> VJ Org Chart -> Charts. The view displays available charts, it's possible to create new chart, remove or edit existing charts.
Links in appropriate columns will take admin to edit appropriate chart or view its items.

Add/edit chart

By clicking New button admin will be taken to the page to add new chart.
If org chart is published it can be displayed on front-end.
Open description in a lightbox popup specifies where to open description in a lightbox popup on item click or show description directly in a node.
Access specifies who can view the chart on front-end. Public - everyone. Registered - only logged in users. Special - users with special access rights like administrator.
Renderer specifies the layout renderer for the chart. Renderers display org charts in different ways.

List of items

To view items go to Components -> VJ Org Chart -> Items. The view displays available items, it's possible to create, edit, delete items.

Add/edit item

Chart indicates what chart the item belongs to.
Parent item indicates the parent node for this item. It's posible to indicate more than one parent node for item (this is true for Plumb renderer).

Org chart view on front-end

Front-end allows to display list of published org charts using link like: index.php?option=com_vjorgchart. Link to view single chart can be: index.php?option=com_vjorgchart&orgchartid=1 where 1 is the ID of the chart. Org chart will be displayed using renderer chosen during chart creation/edit.It's also possible to assign specific org chart view to menu item by choosing appropriate menu item type.